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Send SMS via Confetti
Send SMS via Confetti

Say it with a text message. You can send text messages to event participants so that they do not miss important information.

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Create and send SMS via Confetti

Follow these steps to create and send SMS:

  1. Click `Messages` in the menu

  2. Click `Compose`

  3. Click `Send as SMS`

SMS credits

As with Email credits, text messages cost SMS credits. SMS credits are counted separately from Email credits and are displayed in their own counter. To buy SMS-credits, click on `buy SMS credits`.

An SMS up to 160 characters costs 1 SMS credit, but it is possible to send longer SMS if you want to. You can see the SMS credit count for each recipient below your message under the Content tab if you have chosen Send as SMS.

Telephone numbers to your Attendees

To send SMS to your Attendees you need to have their phone numbers. You can collect the telephone numbers of Attendees with the Signup form. You can make settings to collect Mobile phone numbers in the Signup form following these steps:

  1. Click on `Pages` in the menu.

  2. Click on `Forms`

  3. Under Signup forms you will find the forms that you have created for your event. If you have not yet created a form you can do it by clicking `Add`.

  • The Mobile phone number field in the form is located under the name and E-mail fields in the signup form and is, like the two fields above it, not possible to move.

  • If you want to ensure that all Attendees receive your SMS, you need to make the field mandatory by checking the box `Required`.

  • If you have a Business account, telephone numbers are syncronized with your contacts. If you have a previous entry of contact information for an Attendee without a telephone number in your contact list, `Contacts`, who sign up for a new event to which they do enter their telephone number, it will be saved in the contact list.

These functions support telephone numbers:

  • Contacts

  • Attendees - Invite/import

  • Export

Deactivate collection of telephone numbers

You can deactivate collection of telephone numbers via Forms by clicking:

1. `Pages`

2. `Signup form`

3. `Mobile phone`

4. `Edit`

5. `Deactivate`

  • Here is information about how to send invitations with SMS via Confetti. If you want to send invitations with SMS you need to have the telephone numbers to your recipients in advance.


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