Quick help: "messages" -> "compose" -> "send as SMS"

To send SMS via Confetti, click on "messages" in the menu.

As with emails, text messages cost credit. These are counted separately from emails and displayed in their own counter. To buy SMS-credits, click on "buy SMS credits".

To send an SMS, click on "compose" and select "send as SMS".

Text messages can consist of up to 160 characters.

The phone number field is located under the name and email fields in the signup form and, like the two fields above, is not possible to move.

You can deactivate telephone numbers via "pages" -> "signup form" -> "mobile phone" -> "edit" -> "deactivate".

If you want to ensure that all event participants receive your text message, you need to make the field mandatory.

Phone numbers are synchronized with your contacts. If you have an entry without a phone number in your contact list, "contacts", who sign up for an event where they enter their phone number, then it will be saved in the contact list. (Business)

Both "contacts" and "attendees" -> "invite / import" and "export " now support phone numbers.


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