In this article, we will go through what feedback forms are and how to implement them. 

"Feedback form" is a quick easy way for you to collect feedback and opinions on your event from the attendees.

Click "pages".

If you want to add a feedback form to an already created event you click "add form" -> "feedback" and name the form.

If you're creating a new event you will find "feedback form" already in the column.

Here you see a pre-selected "multiple choice" list graded from 1-5 where attendees are asked about their general experience of the event as well as a complimentary window where they can leave a comment.

You can add fields to the feedback form the same way you do signup forms. Watch the video for a detailed explanation of the different features of the feedback form.

Under "emails", if you scroll down a bit, there's a tab named "Attach a feedback form" which allows you to do just that to the email. 

To see the responses to your "feedback form", click on "pages" -> "feedback form" -> "responses".


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