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Who can attend my event?
Who can attend my event?

Do you want anyone who find your site to be able to sign up for you event or do you only want people with a invitation to come?

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You can decide who should be able to register for your event. The settings to control who can sign up for your event are found at the same place you decide the visibility for your site.

To make settings for who can attend your event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu and click on `Settings`

  2. Click `Setup`

  3. There, you’ll find the section Who can see this event? and just under it you’ll find the section that we’re looking for: Who can attend this event?

  4. Choose one of the three options: `Everyone`, `Invitation only` and `Password`

    By choosing Everyone, anyone who accesses your event site will be able to register for your event.

    `Invitation only`
    By choosing Invitation only no one will be able to register for your event except for the ones you specifically have given access to. You give people access to register to your event by sending out email invitations via Confetti. When a recipient opens up the email invite and clicks the link in the email, that person will be able to register for your event. Clicking the link in the email will be the only way for someone to register to your event if you choose this option.

    Note that:

  • The Invitation only option will generate personalised invitations that can not be sent on to other people.  

  • Invitation only is supported via email invites, not via SMS.

    By choosing Password you will protect your signup button with a password. When you click on `Password` you get to choose a password and share it with the ones that you want to invite to your event. When clicking the RSVP button on your site they’ll get prompted to enter the password to be able to sign up. Those that do not have the password will not be able to register to the event. Password is a good option if you don't want just anybody with access to the event site to be able to register, but you do want the people you invite to be able to send the invite and password on to their friends.

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