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How do I add speakers to the Speakers block?
How do I add speakers to the Speakers block?

Do you want to put people on the Speakers list?

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Using the Speakers block, you can present speakers or others that will preform during your event, such as for example a magician, comedians or bands.

Add speakers in the Speakers block

This is how you add speakers in the Speakers block:

  1. Click on `Content`

  2. Click on `Speakers`

  3. Click on `Add speaker`

  4. Fill in information about the speaker

When a speaker is added you can always go back to edit and update it by clicking on their name in the `Speakers` section.

Change title on the Speakers block

If you’d like to change the title on the Speakers block on your event site from Speakers to something else, you can do so by clicking:

  1. `Pages`

  2. `Start` or `your event name` (next to the house-icon)

  3. the block called `Speakers`

If you want to add even more information about your speakers you can create

a preview of your speakers that leads to a separate full profile speaker page when you click on them. Learn how to add a separate full speaker profile here.

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