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How do I add a sponsor to the sponsor block?
How do I add a sponsor to the sponsor block?

Want to put in more sponsors? Or publish other helpers on the site? You can add different kinds of sponsors in different categories.

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This article describes how you can highlight sponsors on your event site. You can create different sponsor levels, add logos, links, descriptions and much more. You can also add different categories of sponsors, if you have different people contributing in different ways.

Make settings for your Sponsor block

When adding sponsors you begin with making settings for you Sponsor block. Follow these steps to set up your Sponsor block:

  1. Click on `Content` in the menu

  2. Click on `Sponsor`

  3. Click on `Add sponsor level`, the blue button on top to the right

  4. Make sure the box that says `Activate and show all sponsor blocks` is checked if you want to preview this content. You can hide it later if you want.

  5. Fill in the information. Under Name you choose if you want the section about sponsors on the event page to have the title "Sponsors" or if you want the title to be something else.

Add sponsor

Once you have made settings for your Sponsor block, this is how you add sponsors:

  1. Click on `Content` in the menu

  2. Click on `Sponsor`

  3. Click on `Click to add sponsor...`

  4. Fill in information about your sponsor, such as Name, Description, link to a Website or Logo.

Edit the Sponsor section

If you’d like to change the title or edit on the sponsor section under the process, you can also find access to it by clicking:

  1. `Pages`

  2. `Start` or your event name (next to the house icon)

  3. Scroll down and click on the `Sponsor` block

  4. Edit the Sponsor block by clicking on its name (that you first chose). Here you can also edit information about your sponsors by clicking on their name.

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