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How do I update my photo gallery?
How do I update my photo gallery?

Your Gallery are the five photos that are placed right on top of the Location block. You can change these pictures or just remove them.

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You can change and edit the photos in your photo gallery in the block called Gallery. Upload your own images or use the image database Unsplashto find images for your event page.

Change and edit Gallery

This is how you change photos in your Gallery block:

  1. Click on `Pages`

  2. Click `Start` or the name of your event (next to the house icon)

  3. Click on the `Gallery` block

You can add up to 6 photos, you can also choose to remove all of them.

  • Click on the cross in a photo if you want to remove it.

  • Click `Add images` if you want to add new images.

Preferred format is 4:3 and size above 800x600px.

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