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How do I change the header photo of my event site?
How do I change the header photo of my event site?

Guide on how to edit the header - the big cover image at the top of your event site, or why not have a video instead?

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Follow these steps to change your header photo:

  1. Click `Pages` in the menu to the left.

  2. Click `Start` which is marked with the house icon

  3. Select the `Header` block, or go directly to the Header in the small preview on the right side of the screen.

  4. Under the section called Cover photo, you can change the image that appears at the top of your event page. You change the image by clicking on the small camera icon. You can either choose an image from the image database (which is free) or upload your own image.

The recommended format for the Cover photo is 16:9 and larger than 1440x800px. Allowed formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG.

Under Cover video you can choose to upload a video instead of an image. The size of the video must not be larger than 500 MegaByte (MB).

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