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How do I add a Schedule block?
How do I add a Schedule block?

Do you want to add a block to your event-site with things that are happening during your event and let people know what time they happen?

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In the Schedule you can add all the amazing stuff that happens during your event and, the times they happen and they will automatically sort themselves.

Add a Schedule block

This is how you add a Schedule block:

  1. Click on `Content`

  2. Click on `Schedule`

  3. Click `Add`

  4. Edit the Schedule block by adding information, for example Title, Description and Date & Time.

If you have several posts in the Schedule happening at the same time, you can sort them by clicking and holding the three little lines on the left of a post and dragging it to the position you want.

Show the Schedule block

The Schedule block is hidden by default. To show the Schedule block, follow these steps:

  1. Click `Pages`

  2. Click `Start`

  3. Click `Schedule`

  4. Click `Show`

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