Organization -> event -> "invite / import" -> "from X organization" -> select categories

Here you're given two choices:

  • You can choose to invite contacts who have participated in a previous event via "select contacts by event"

Click on the events from which you want to invite participants. If any contact has participated in several events, that person will only count once. So no duplicates are sent.

  •  The second choice is to invite contacts based on category via “select contacts by categories”

Select the categories you want to invite. The tool also sorts out duplicates here.

You can also choose at the bottom of the page

"Select contacts that matches any/matches all of the selected events and categories."

"Matches any" means that contacts found in any of the selected categories will be added to the invitation list.

"Matches all" means that only contacts found in all of the selected categories are added to the invitation list.

When you have made your selections, click on the "preview" button.

If the invitations look ok, exit by clicking "send X invite emails".


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