First, you need to create the Categories. 

You do this by going to your ”Organisation” page and clicking  ”settings” -> ”categories” -> ”add category” and enter the name you want the category to have.

You can create as many categories as you like.

The next step is to import and sort your contacts into the different categories you’ve created.

Click ”contacts” -> ”import”. Here you also have the option to create categories.

Select the categories you want to import contacts to by clicking them, making the text blue.

Import your contacts and make sure they are arranged as follows — one contact per line. Every line should consist of either an email or first name, last name and email separated by a comma. 

When you’ve added your contacts, click the orange ”preview” button on the top of the site to check if everything is filled in correctly. If it is you can click the orange ”import” button.

To display an event on your ”Organisation” page select the event and click ”settings” -> ”setup” and under ”categories” you choose the categories you wish to attach to the event.

To message specific recipients you go to your ”Organisation” page and click ”emails” -> ”compose”

There you can select recipients either by event and/or by categories. When you send the email, it will go out to the contacts in selected events and/or categories.


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