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”settings” -> ”setup” -> ”handle waitlist manually”
”attendees” -> ”list” -> choose guest -> "edit" -> change status to ”attending”

Is your event attracting a lot of people but you want to manage who can come to it manually.

If you got an RSVP event, and want choose hwo signs up for it, you can click "settings" -> "setup" -> scroll down and check the box "Handle waitlist manually".
This makes people who click the signup button automatically appear on a waitlist. They then get sent the "waitlist" email under "Messages". 

You find the list of sign ups (or applicants) by clicking "attendees" -> "list" under "on waitlist".

To move a person from the waitlist to "attending" click the name in blue text. Up to the right click the orange "edit" button. Under "status" you change the status from "on waitlist" to "attending" and click "save". Then a "welcome" mail will be sent to the person who is now on the "attending" list.

To change the message that appears when someone clicks the signup button you click "pages" -> "design" and scroll down to "advanced content strings" in blue text.

Scroll down to the box with the title "RSVP". press cmd + F (ctrl + F) and type "waitinglist" in the search window to mark the text boxes concerning the waitlist.

You can choose to handle the waitlist manually whenever you want even if people have already signed up to your event. The change will not affect those who have already signed up. Only those sign up after you've chosen to handle the waiting list manually.


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