Sub-processors handling attendee and user data

Heroku (owned by Salesforce) - Ireland
Cloud hosting provider where we have our databases and all code. 

Amazon Web Services - Ireland
We use their service S3 to store all images our users upload, they also own the servers Heroku use for storage. 

Stripe - USA
Payment provider for subscriptions and tickets.

Sendgrid - USA
Email provider for transactional can campaign emails.

Mailchimp & Mandrill - USA
Email provider for transactional and campaign emails. All attendee associated email addresses are automatically deleted from their servers after 30 days.

Cloudflare - Global
Cloudflare is a CDN which caches all our images.

Sub-processors only handling user data

Intercom - USA
Customer support chat, emails and FAQ as well as for Business intelligence and email newsletters.

Cloudinary - USA
Image storage service which we used until early 2016. All images uploaded after that is stored at S3.

Google Analytics - USA
We use Google to track ad campaigns, see number of visitors and how they behave at our sites.

Facebook - USA
We use Facebooks tracking pixel to target ads and you can choose to use Facebook as login.

Castle - USA
Castle detects and mitigates account takeovers in web and mobile apps.

Slack - USA
We send notifications to Slack when significant things happens in our systems.

Read more about how Confetti & GDPR.

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