First you need to point your domain to Confetti through your domain provider. If you are not familiar with setting up domains we recommend you to send this article to you domain provider.

Subdomains (www e.g.) - Most common and recommended!

For subdomains you add a CNAME record from to (replace with your domain and the address to your event). Then you navigate to Settings -> Setup, scroll down to URL and add to the event.

Naked domains

A naked domain is the domain without www or similar in front of it, i.e. It works a bit different and can't be used with CNAME on all domain providers. Some providers allow you to add a CNAME or ALIAS record for your domain. In that case you point it to just as mentioned above, and then add to Confetti. If your provider doesn't allow this handling of naked domains the best solution is to make redirect to a subdomain of your choice, like

One easy way to make redirect to is to point an A-record to which will handle this automatically.

Read more here:

Important: Don't put Confetti in an iframe to handle the support the named domain. This will have unpredictable results. When you click th signup-button the url should change to, if not, you're probably using the iframe "solution".

Primary domain

Setting one of your domains to primary means that will always redirect the visitor to

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